Atevada brings a fresh introduction of Web3 to tourism though our global tourism network.

Atevada seeks to provide a diverse community of travelers with the opportunity to personally experience various cultures through the community or the tourism network.
As the Atevada story progresses, holders of the Relics will gain further rewards.

To become part of the Loka…

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The Gate

Opening the doors to a whole new world where merging digital and physical worlds become a reality...

The gate is our world' first blockage and the starting point for something significant that will merge the digital and physical worlds, regardless of your location.

The Relics of Loka

The Relics of Loka genesis collection, inspired by South East Asian culture and folklore, is Atevada' entry to the Metaverse.

We aim to convey the essence of Asia in our artwork whilst putting a fresh twist on stories we have grown up listening to by combining traditional and street art.
This will be the most exclusive collection, offering Relic holders the most benefits in both Web3 and the physical world.

The Founders of Loka

To the ones with the courage to jump down a peculiar rabbit hole.
One that pulls you away from a world that' created by many and owned by few...

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The Team


Follow us down our path, providing you a unique experience in both the metaverse and real life.

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