Phase 1

Atevada: Relics of Loka 1040 Relics
Highly inspired by South East Asian folklore has been released upon the Loka. It is the Genesis collection to Atevada and the origin of the the Atevada storyline.
Join the trials now to uncover the truth behind it all and mint at an exclusive price:  Click Here

Atevada Merchandise
will be readily available to all holders at exclusive prices. Stay tuned for updates and latest designs. Hopefully you’ll be a lucky owner.

Atevada Experience
We strive to provide a truly unique experience to all Relic Holders thus we have provided an ever expanding tourism network to allow you to experience the culture yourself.
For more info please head to:

Phase 2

IRL events
Relic Holders will be eligible to join our local meet ups to meet and get to know their neighbouring Lokans. We highly value networking and connections thus we would like to bring all of you to experience it in person. 

$RLX system
We will releasing our Atevada $RLX treasury App to make ther Atevada Experience even smoother. This will also allow us to expand the $RLX system, incorporating hotspots, additional vouchers and also lotteries

Team Expansion
We believe that inorder to create a strong project, the team behind it must be inseparable. We have created a strong base in which we will be looking to expand on and make our team even stronger.

Phase 3

Expand tourism network
The Atevada Experience will continue to expand and as the system is fully up and running, we will be looking to expand into other countries. We’ll be coming to you very soon…

Web3 Partnerships
Moving forwards, we will be jumping through the Asankhy Portal to other universes. Wherever we may end up we will create a true friendship and a long lasting partnership. Watch this space…

Lore Expansion
As the story line approaches the end, we will be building on what we have given to our Lokans. Painting a picture of the Loka and all the action is what we will try to achieve and fully immerse you into our World.

Phase 4

Global exploration As the Loka expands so does our audience. We hope to bring Atevada and the experience to you wherever you are in the world and create a larger than life community with every single Lokan. 

IRL events - worldwide Community is everything for us, thus we would be hosting events wherever our community is. Lets begin to build and hopefully we’ll see you there sometime soon!

Real life Relics
Relics will be the core of atevada thus we will be looking forward to creating real life Relics for our holders. May the Guardians grant you powers to get you through the bear market!

Phase 5


Following the Atevada story, what happens after the Guardians disappear? Jump through the portal and find out…

The hunt begins…